• Stephanie Zajac

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Doubled Up for a Dance Skit and Holy ABS

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Jennifer Lopez is a busy woman on her promo tour for Hustlers, but she still finds time to hang out (and dance) with Jimmy Fallon. That’s right—the latina beauty joined Fallon on stage Tuesday night for a laugh-out-loud dance skit for four minutes straight. The dynamic duo stepped through the evolution of music video dance routines, beginning with “U Can’t Touch This” and ending with a crowd-pleasing finale of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” The skit is packed with fun and laughs, and speaking of pack...did anyone else notice J.Lo’s abs?

Back it up. How does Jennifer Lopez still look like she’s 25? According to MSN, she’s been stepping up her game in order to fit her role as a pole dancer in Hustlers. The star turned 50 in July, so it’s no small feat for her to be so dedicated to the fitness grind. From the looks of her Instagram, she has another incentive by the name of Alex. Lopez and her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, are gym buddies like nobody's business. The proof is in the pudding (er, protein shake)—check out J Lo’s #LeoSeason post debuting her new leggings. (We all know what you're really looking at).

For anyone else who missed the skit or can't handle the J.Lo-Fallon combo in its entirety, here are a few shots to prove Lopez has still got it.

Well done, team!

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